By Rob Walcher D.C.

A Fun Thought!

Take the thought of having an extra $100k each month and let your mind run away. Can you imagine yourself having that kind of money? Dont worry, its free to imagine and dreamwhich by the way means you should do more of it. After all it feels good just thinking about having that kind of money.

Think about it " its like the aromas at the midway at the county fair " no charge! Dreaming is free. And since it is free, did you ever wonder why we dont do more of it?

At first dreams seem impossible, then improbable and eventually inevitable. If you can dream it and feel it happening to you then you can do it. Christopher Reeve

If you are laughing thinking there is no way that you would ever have that kind of money then you are probably right. It takes the effort of possibility thinking to bring your dreams to reality. The only way to reach great heights in life is to dream yourself already there.

Of course you will not start out making 100k a month overnight. You will have evolved to that level step by step. Along the way, hopefully, you will already have begun to make the correct adjustments not only to being wealthy, but staying wealthy.

Get Your Heart Ready

In order to achieve money like this you have to believe in your ability and deservance to have that much. If you feel it is bad to be that rich, or that you are incapable of handling that kind of money than you are driving yourself of course. You have to get your head right first and then continue with your dreaming.

If you are affected by this line of thought, or anything similar, then its a good thing youre reading this article. Because you have some work to do. As Zig Ziglar would tell you, its time to stop your stinkin thinkin and get a check up from the neck up!

Well-Laid Plans

Now that you are thinking about earning $100K a month you have to begin to put in place a plan of what you would do with all that money. Think about how your life would change and what possibilities there would be, and begin to make a plan.

Dont fall prey to the malady known as sudden wealth syndrome. This refers to a state of behavior where those who come into wealth quickly are not prepared " internally or externally. They havent a clue what to do with their wealth, feel they dont deserve it, feel guilty for having it, and therefore invest foolishly, spend it wildly, and lose it as quickly as they gained it. Its sad but true.

What if you began to plan today for a larger income tomorrow? Do you understand about setting up trust funds? Giving to charities? Do you understand how the wealthy invest? Are you acquainted with a financial advisor? (One whom you can trust.) Do you know how to assess a business venture? Do you understand the ins and outs of purchasing wealth-building real estate?

Cars, Homes and Fancy Things

Having a beautiful mansion, the fanciest cars or the most of everything is not where your focus should be. Those things will come along with the money, however your first priority should be to make sure you can hang on to that money and have some left to pass down through the generations.

While you consider the question of what you would do with a $100K a month, allow your mind to wander in various directions. As you seriously think about this prospect take mental notes and envision the many ways your life will be different. Remember that convincing yourself it can happen is the hardest part!

It is of utmost importance to remain convinced that this can happen to you.

If you think you can do a thing or think you cant do a thing, you are right. Henry Ford - 18098

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By Marc Frieden

Your niche marketing strategy will bring about a better ability for catering to specific customer interest so that you can capitalize upon it. You'll have your own unique niche in the business world in which you will stand out the most. But what does niche marketing actually mean for your own unique business? By understanding your own business niche, it means that you gain the capability for mastering your own special corner of the marketplace.

What do you need to make this niche work? It's all well and good to choose a niche marketing strategy, but it's another to recognize what is involved to make the theory a reality. You've identified your strengths and what you enjoy, now it's time to assess them with customers in mind. How can you use this information in a way that will make customers buy something? To answer this question, look at your potential customers. What do they already buy, and what are they likely to buy in the future?

What do you need to make this niche work? It's all well and good to choose a niche marketing strategy, but it's another to recognize what is involved to make the theory a reality. You've identified your strengths and what you enjoy, now it's time to assess them with customers in mind. How can you use this information in a way that will make customers buy something? To answer this question, look at your potential customers. What do they already buy, and what are they likely to buy in the future?

Now you're ready to come up with your niche marketing plan. The last step is to make certain that it doesn't interfere or conflict with any business plan that you already have in place. The niche marketing strategy is only valuable if it can be made to function within your own company's potential. Niche marketing is among the best things you can do to maximize your success potential in a staggeringly large marketplace. Begin today and reap the rewards that are so close to being yours.

How is my business most effective? What are my special skills and strengths? When answering this question, go over both your own abilities, and the abilities of your company as a whole. List your strengths and skills. You may find this process to be quite enlightening. It includes things that you've always known, but may not have actually recognized for their full potential.

The last step is to make certain that it doesn't interfere or conflict with any business plan that you already have in place. The niche marketing strategy is only valuable if it can be made to function within your own company's potential. Niche marketing is among the best things you can do to maximize your success potential in a staggeringly large marketplace. Begin today and reap the rewards that are so close to being yours. Now you're ready to come up with your niche marketing plan. - 18098

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By Carl Mays II

The choice to outsource your medical billing can yield substantially better results than the choice to keep billing in-house. Why? Because a properly structured outsourced billing relationship insures that the medical billing company succeeds by making you succeed.

In most situations (and make sure this is the case for your medical billing service) the billing company only gets paid when the practice gets paid while a practice's in-house staff gets paid irrespective of results. There is also an incentive for the billing company to perform better - the better it performs the more it collects for the practice and in turn the more it earns (and vice versa). This is not true for in-house staff whose wages are typically fixed irrespective of performance and quality of work.

This issue, however, is often not fully understood or appreciated by many providers. These providers frequently say: "the staff works directly for me in my office-- they are more loyal and will do a better job and I can see what they are doing". Experience has shown, however, that this is often not true.

I recently spoke with a partner at a busy cardiology practice. While one of the billers was out sick, some paperwork was required and the supervisor went looking for it. When the supervisor opened the missing biller's desk, a stack of unfiled, old claims was discovered. It turned out about $40,000 of them were past timely filling deadlines. They were lost. I repeat-the practice lost $40,000! When the biller returned from her leave, she was "sternly" reprimanded. Let me say it one more time-she was reprimanded. Not fired, but reprimanded. Either way, the practice lost $40,000 in just this one instance alone.

When I asked the doctor why a more severe action was not taken, he explained to me that "we already have staffing problems and did not want to alienate the billing staff any further." The guilty biller was apparently moved to the front-desk role and is now responsible for gathering demographic information and money.

There should be safety nets in place to catch $40,000 in missing claims. So how could this have gone unnoticed until a desk excavation? The office did not track and reconcile charges, payments or write-offs. The doctors had been told that the practice's system could not report at this level. The system, however, indeed had the capability to do this, but the billing staff did not know how to properly use it. Without the the fully aligned incentives of a medical billing company, the investment is often not made to full utilize the capabilities of a practice's medical billing system. $40,000 in missing charges is likely only the tip of the ice berg for this medical practice.

If you select the correct billing company you can avoid nightmare situations like this. Here are some of the key elements you should seek when looking for a medical billing company:

- A fully integrated tracking system (charges by locations/provider and payments by source - lock box, office, PO Box) should be in place and you should have full visibility into the system at all times.

- Your medical billing company should reimburse your practice for what you would have been paid by the payers based on your allowable for any claims that go past timely filing for reasons within the medical billing company's control. What this means is that you never suffer financially if the billing company drops the ball. Try to have your billers reimburse you if they drop the ball.

- The practice should always (24 hours a day, 7 days a week) have access to the medical billing companies system. This allows the practice to see at any time exactly what is happening with their account.

Physicians are working harder for less as costs rise and reimbursements fall. This is exacerbated by selecting a medical billing approach that does not have the proper alignment of incentives to prevent disasters (such as $40,000 in unbilled charges) from occurring.

No - your staff will not work harder for you just because you employ them; and No - the biller who lost you $40,000 will not do any better job collecting money and gathering information from patients. You will probably need to "sternly" reprimand them again.

A high performing medical billing company with complete transparency and full alignment of incentives is the surest path to medical billing excellence and strong financial performance for your practice.

Copyright 2008 by Carl Mays II - 18098

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By C R Bolden

The internet is the most exciting and extraordinary place with lots of ways to make money and have fun while you're doing it. It has the potential to enable you to get rich or at least own you your own business online. There are many reasons behind the benefits of an internet business and there are several reasons behind having your own internet business.

For some it will be an opportunity to escape their eight to four job. You either like your job or you dont but you will have the opportunity to change your life if you are successful. For others there will be an opportunity to keep your nine-to-five job and make extra money on the side. Another reason of having your own internet business is because you can do it for fun and enjoyment.

Self-esteem is another reason behind starting an internet business. Many of us are so much busy in our busy life schedule that we literally forget to do something in our lives that reflects our inner selves. So starting your own internet business motivates you and boosts your feelings. Internet business could be made successful by using technology to run a business effectively and leveraging the different ways people are communicating online.

The benefits of having an internet business can be anything you want to do. You can turn your skills and interest with no money at all which is something that most part-time jobs will not be able to offer. Another benefit is it fits your schedule. The internet is a remarkable clearinghouse of information on every imagined topic of interest.

Another benefit is that internet business offers over most second jobs is that it's easily available, easily accessible, and extremely flexible which makes it easy to work around your existing job and family commitments. You can really run your business anywhere and any time. It provides high level of flexibility with non-stop income. You can do it any time in your meal hours as well. Internet business can be a great and extra way to earn money.

Probably the most rewarding of having an internet business is that you could get away from working 8 or more hours a day. No more being able to miss the experience of enjoying family activities. So starting a new internet business can be easy for you if you make plan before starting. If you are going to choose to become an entrepreneur, then you must have passion to do it. No matter how much the potential your business might have for making money, unless you believe in it, how can you expect anyone else to?

After examining your talent and skills, and ready to generate a business idea, write a business plan and choose a winning name for your business and register it. You are ready to go andn start an internet business.

Starting a business may seem too much at first. There are just so many things to do! This article may guide you to starting a business and it is designed to help you make your dream of starting a business a reality. - 18098

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By Johnathan Z Moore


Proper research is vital to your success. Investing time in research will diminish heartache and monetary loss in the future. They key to your triumph on eBay is knowing the average selling price of your proposed inventory via research. If you select, from the Main Search page, the Advanced Search Button (located just to the right of the search button. Type in your keywords for your product you are researching, after opening the Advanced Search link.

Select a category, check the Completed Listings button, then Search. Now what you have on your screen are items that have recently closed on eBay. The products which have Sold will be highlighted Green. The products that did not sell, you will see highlighted in Red or Black. The Red items are unsold Auctions, the Black items are Unsold Buy it Now items. Take this data and place in an excel worksheet that you might review in future.


Shipping is definitely a very sensitive subject with regards to eBay purchases. In years past, many sellers would give a good price on the product, then gouge on the shipping fees. Free Shipping many times will get your product noticed and respected. And the buyer will come back for more products later on.

As you perform your research, notice that many of the products that Sold, have either Free Shipping or Low cost shipping. Overall, Free shipping or reasonably priced shipping products will do better in the long run. Make sure to keep the majority of your shipping cost priced in your product, while maintaining your profit margin, and keep your price competitive.


Regardless of the type of deal your supplier may offer you, if your item does not have a demand currently on eBay, it probably will not sell. If someone is offering 50 Harley Davidson Novelty lamps for $25.00 each, and out of the last 50 posts only two have sold for $28.00 each, you may be stuck with some lamps in the near future. Or, worse have to unload them at a loss to clear your inventory.

When first starting out, it is a good idea to find a legitimate Drop Shipper. A drop shipper will ship your item after you sell it. This way you do not have to stock product, but still have access to many products. There are many so-called drop ship companies on the net, but many are still middle men. Search Google for Wholesale Sources, or Dropship Sources, but remember to deal with a wholesaler not a middleman. - 18098

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By David Murphy

Slatwall panels are a flexible and durable shopfittings solution for retailers, being consistently usable for the display of many types of retail products. Since slatwall panels can be effectively removed and replaced with another type of panel in a few minutes, displays are frequently used by many types of retail establishments.

Existing fittings on walls that require a solid slatwall panel, can be taken down effortlessly, by replacing the solid panel with a slatted panel, saving costs to the retailer in both fixtures and man hours to complete the changes. These panels are usually the panel of choice for displays requiring a tiered effect, with retail items displayed in as many tiers as wished, top to bottom. This "viewable" set up can be a great sales booster and one of the many reasons the slatted slatwall panels continues to be so popular.

Because quality slatwall components are versatile, back panels can also be changed to conform to changing retail needs, replacing slat panels with solid or perforated panels within a few minutes.

Of course, this all ties into the quality and flexibility offered by a shopfitting service, and care must be given when purchasing to both the quality and flexibility, or the slatwall components will not necessarily fit the needs of the purchaser.

For new shopfittings, the panels are also space effective, leaving more floor space available to merchandisers. The total use of wall area is also another great feature of the slatwall panels. The panels usually provide a very neat appearance, with a clean look to the display.

Accessories for the panel allow retailers to practically control every area of the display, as the grooves on the panels allow maximum flexibility of displays. They can also be used for displaying heavier, bulkier merchandise. The weight of the load must be proportionate to the accessories used here, and consultation with a shopfitter of choice will clear up any concerns a retailer may have in choice of slatwall panels or accessories.

Everything from timber applications to plastics exists now, alongside aluminum products, and quality retail fixtures have advanced to the point where many times the organizational needs of business offices as well as homeowners are being met with slatwall components.

"Catty Corner" displays are possible with the use of panel store fixtures, as the fixtures turn the flat panel displays into whatever shape is needed for any display. Even the smallest or the largest empty and available space can be used for an attractive and sales oriented display if the proper panel store fixture is used. - 18098

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By Alice Sy

Do you want to seal your promise of forever with your loved one with an engagement ring that will signify your love for her in the past, the present and the future? Then let the trilogy diamond engagement ring tell your story.

Love stories are worth telling and recollecting and they are made to be remembered for the sake of recollection. They are bond to strengthen further relationships and therefore are signified usually not only with priceless gifts but also with band such as an engagement ring. What makes a trilogy diamond engagement ring very popular is that it carries the purpose like that of the anniversary rings. It is perfect especially for those who are sentimental with memories that are worth keeping.

The three diamonds are specifically designed and they are bounded to be different with other traditional rings. And the three stones are bound to be in the band with no other additional stones for accentuation. The three diamonds are enough to give the elegant factor of the engagement ring. The diamonds in this engagement ring have similar sizes and would carry a higher carat, adding to the expensive nature of the ring. The diamonds should be relatively big to give emphasis and identity of the trilogy diamond engagement ring. The suggested shapes usually would be round and princess shaped diamonds.

The arrangement of the three stones in the trilogy diamond engagement ring is also given emphasis. The diamond at the center is higher or elevated than the other stones to signify the present. Also the words past, present and future can be engraved in the band as well.

Then you may also consider having a plain wedding band right after to match the trilogy diamond engagement to give emphasis to the significance of the ring. It is like allowing the two rings to work hand in hand in the spirit of elegance and love.

Although the trilogy diamond engagement ring is said to be quite expensive compared to other engagement rings, the expense should not be the center of the reason why a woman should say yes to the proposal of marriage, but the effort of the man which gives high regard to the sentimental reasons behind the love story. - 18098

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By Chris Jonathan

A joint venture is when two or more businesses work together in a partnership for a period of time. Joint ventures frequently take place online because two businesses working together can generally achieve a lot more than one business alone.

Joint venture marketing allows all parties the opportunity to grow and expand their business and profits faster than they could on their own. By teaming up with others, you can be able to offer your existing customer base more products and options. You can also expand into new markets whereas remaining in your own niche alone wouldn't allow for such an opportunity. If you faced fierce competition in your niche, a joint venture with someone who is experienced and trusted in their field, you can use your new partnership to surpass your competition.

Interchange links on your websites

To show you what type of joint ventures are being carried out every day, even as we speak.

To show you how much easier it is to succeed when you're working with others compared to on your own.

To show you how much leverage you have when you get yourself in with a group of marketers each striving to make each other successful.

Write articles for each other's newsletters

To show you why even when you score one joint venture, it's more powerful than a hundred e-zine ads put together.

Joint ventures and strategic alliances can be a positive outcome for all parties involved. Take the time to understand the process and your small business will be well positioned into the future. - 18098

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By Online Backups; Online Backup Software

Have you ever been hit with a virus? Ever had someone steal your computer? What about a natural disaster? What if you lost everything on your computer?

In the digital age we live in, people pretty much save their lives on their computers! Music, family/child/wedding pictures, term papers, financial documents, legal documents.

Over 43% of computer users will lose most, if not all, of their data on their computer this year alone. With over 1 billion computers in the world today, that's a lot of frustrated people!

So, you think you're safe with just using the standard USB drive? Nope. They burn just as easily in a fire, can still have a virus spread, and they are stolen more than computers are!

There is an answer! Online Backups. The only way to make sure your data is secure.

They are automatic with little to no human intervention at all. Usually takes a minute or two to setup. Choose the time you want to run the backup, and you're done! Sit back and relax!

Literally, for pennies a day, you can KNOW you will never lose your data.

Memories, music, and documents all could be lost at any moment. Know today, you are protected! - 18098

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Edu Text Links Still Work

By onslaught82

By Steve Prylon

When search engines are crawling, they're not only collecting information, they're noting which sites they collect it from. And they place a value on the links that point to your site, referring to the value as a vote. That's how they determine the content of your site. The link words are how they rate your importance and relevance. Links from some sites are rated higher than others. For instance, .gov or .edu are considered trusted sites and are more valuable, and thus will get bigger votes. PageRank sites will also get bigger votes. Basically, the stronger the site, the stronger the vote will be for an equal link from that site.

Most in the SEO industry will agree that .edu links have a higher value with the search engines, but there are always a few who disagree. In fact, it is just not true that .edu links are rated the same as other links by the search engines. A simple test will determine this: choose 2 sites, add standard links to one and .edu links to the other. Check your rankings and then run the same test several times. You'll see that .edu text links do make a difference in site placement.

If you do any random search, you will very often see .edu and .gov sites ranking in the top 10, even when they are not the most relevant, or even when they are outdated. This is more proof that they are not treated the same as a .com or .net.

When you think about .edu links and what makes them rank higher, the answer is clear. If a new university were to open tomorrow, links from that site likely wouldn't have much weight or value. But most of the .edu sites are very mature, huge, trusted sites that are full of information. And they have tens of thousands of inbound links and high PR. This is why the search engines are placing a weightier value on these links.

Yes, there are one or two naysayers still, but by and large, the industry places high value on .edu text links, as do the search engines. We will continue to run with the crowds and continue to use .edu text links. The phenomenal results we're seeing with our clients rising swiftly to the top in search tells us we're doing something right. - 18098

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By Alice Sy

Did you know that the marquise design of diamond rings is believed to originate in France as far back as the 18th century?

King Louis XIV asked jewelers to design a unique shape of a diamond that is similar to the sultry way his then mistress, the Marquise de Pompadour smiles. This shape of diamond is slender and elongated with ends that are pointed much like the lips.

More and more couples today prefer the marquise diamond engagement ring because of its practicality, it is more affordable than the round or oval cut diamond. If you want to have a less conventional cut diamond, this is the right choice.

The shape of the marquise diamond engagement ring may be deceiving, since it is elongated; it seems larger and heavier than its actual carat size.

Just like the radiant cut diamond engagement ring, the marquise diamond engagement ring is cut in a multifaceted way and appears to have a bow-tie effect when light reflects on it. It produces an effect of dancing lights and radiates in the sun. And this characteristic adds for its popularity for engagement rings.

The proportion of the marquise diamond engagement ring varies, but the gem experts and jewelers say that the perfect proportion for this type of ring is that width should be the same length as its height that achieves a more prominent and radiant bow-tie effect.

For practical and aesthetic reasons, instead of having the marquise diamond engagement ring to be a solitaire diamond, you can add other precious gems or stones or have it in bridal set engagement ring. This way you can have the manifestation of having a larger diamond stone intricately designed that looks expensive.

The marquise diamond engagement ring is perfect for any woman, it actually flatters the fingers because of its cut, making the fingers seem elongated and elegant. - 18098

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By Ray Edwards

The Internet has created a lot of new opportunities for freelance copywriters today. If you are a copywriter looking to make more money then you should look into freelancing your services. Freelance copywriting frees you from the confines of a full-time job and allows you to dictate your own work schedule, load, and paycheck.

Copywriters must know how to reach their audience effectively. They must know what mediums to use and how to motivate their readers into buying their product. Many copywriters attend seminars and workshops in order to learn new skills and improve the quality of their product.

Freelance copywriters have a lot of opportunities not found in other vocations. Freelance copywriters can work in the world of commerce, web marketing, publishing houses, direct response mail ad campaigns, and many others. Freelance copywriters work on a project-to-project basis and are hired by clients in these fields in order to help them more effectively sell their products.


As a freelance copywriter, you can hand pick your work, choose work that maximizes your expertise, and bring in more money. The freedom found in freelance copywriting has caused many experts to think that freelancing is one of the best career options on the market today.

The most important thing you need to know is what your customers want and how to give it to them in a creative and effective way. If you're an aspiring freelance copywriter here are some things you should know:

1. Set goals for yourself. If you don't have any goals you don't have anything to shoot for, you're like a ship setting sail with no heading. Therefore it is important to set goals for yourself. These goals should be tangible and attainable. Goals also give a practical way of measuring your success. Try to figure out what your strengths are as a writer and set up a business plan with goals to help you transition into your new career.

2. Build a portfolio. Your portfolio is your resume in the freelancing world. It shows potential clients your past work and what they can expect from you. It should have examples of your best work, a sales letter explaining why you're the best for the job, and testimonials from past clients. Your portfolio needs to be neat, organized, and professional looking.

3. You should construct a website. A website gives your potential clients an easy way to access your material and portfolio as they consider your bid. Also, many copywriters do not have a website, which gives you an advantage over some of your competition.

4. Build good relationships with your clients. There is very little person-to-person work on the Internet, which makes it difficult to build good working relationships with your clients. Good relationships are important because people like to feel that they are working with a real person. It also increases the likelihood that they will hire you again or refer their friends to you. Therefore you have to try harder than usual to build a connection with your client.

If you find out that you live near your client, let them know that you're available to meet in person if they like. Also let them know that you are always available if they need to contact you with any questions or concerns. Make yourself personable, the more you seem like a real person to your clients, the greater the success you will see in your business.

5. Try to educate your clients. It is important to listen to your client when starting the project to see what they want, but don't let them completely dictate your end product. You're the expert and they are hiring you to sell their product. Their ideas may be terrible for marketing, so try and teach them about what works and what doesn't work. Don't be rude, be gentle and explain why you think your ideas might sell their product more effectively.

These were just a few ideas to help you get started thinking about your new freelancing career. Hopefully you found this article helpful. Freelance copywriting allows you to choose when you work, where you work, and how much you work. You can't find that kind of freedom in too many other jobs. Freelancing is a very liberating and exciting career. - 18098

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By Ray Stendall

How powerful is your will? Are you someone who gives up easily on goals? Successful people all around the world have one very important attribute in common: an iron clad will to achieve their dreams. How strong is your will? Do you often give up or are you someone who persists until the job is done.

How do most people set goals?

Most people set goals based on what they think they can do or what they know they can do but not on what they really want. This is very unfortunate because it promotes the status quo with very limited growth. Real growth occurs when you step outside of your comfort zone and live on the edge.

Why do most people give up on their goals and dreams?

Most people give up on their goals and their dreams because they either 1) are fearful that they will fail, or 2) experience a minor setback and decide to give up because they perceive the situation as too difficult. Is anything really worth while in life very easy to get? Think about the relationships you have in your life with family, friends and your significant other. These relationships require work. The business that you have or the employer that you work with requires effort on your part to sustain and grow. Anything that comes too easily, frequently is also easily lost. If you don't believe me take a look at the statistics of people who win the lottery. Within a couple years they have lost every thing they have won. There's an old expression that anything you have not earned you have not earned the right to keep.

Do you really want "it"?

Many people give up on their goals and dreams because they don't really want them. If an individual has not become emotionally involved in acquiring a goal that they seek there is a very high possibility that they will give up. Ask yourself what are some of your New Year's resolutions from past years. Did you complete all of them? If not why? I'm willing to bet you were not emotionally involved in those resolutions and therefore they did not stick.

How can I improve the intellectual factor of the will?

The will, like all other intellectual factors, can be improved with conscious awareness. Learning to be in control of your thoughts and then focus on one thing at a time is the skill set needed. One way to do this is to buy a candle and light it on the opposite side of the room from you. Focus on the candle and only the candle. Your mind will drift and think about different things such as your job and preparing lunches for the kids. Bring your mind back and focus on the candle. The longer you can focus on the candle and the flame without allowing your mind to drift the better your "will" will become. Once you learn to master this task you can focus your will on anything.

Will this really work?

Take a look at your life in terms of your happiness, health, and wealth. Is there room for things to be better? It doesn't matter how happy, healthy or wealthy you are there is always room for improvement. Now ask yourself how determined are you and how strong is your will? If you continue to do everything you have always done I promise you'll get more of the same results. The candle technique was explained to me personally by Bob Proctor who is a very well recognized authority in personal development.

The use of the will is one of the gifts few of us truly understand that helps us achieve real success in life. I want to suggest that you take the concepts contained in this article very seriously and become hyper aware of how you use your will and the results that you get in life. If you want to see big improvements make sure that 1) you really want your goal 2) you become emotionally involved with your goal 3) and you never give up. - 18098

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By David Asper

First thing you need to do when buying jewelry from a online jewelry auction site is that you need to display some self control. The prices are extremely cheap in most cases and if you get yourself to worked up over a piece your bidding on, you may pay more for it then you need to.

With most jewelry weighing very little and the packages needed for shipping being very small, this has made buying and the selling of jewelry online very popular. Everybody saves money and gets what they want.

With mostly focusing on the buying and selling of jewelry, sites like Bidz has helped many stores sell out fast and users save a pill of money. Also, because of the low cost incorporated with buying jewelry from an online auction, ,many people have been able to make goo income on the side just buying and reselling.

The benefits of selling jewelry through auctions sites is that there really is no hot and cold periods. There is always weddings going on,anniversaries being had or a special day coming up for someone that warrants a nice piece of jewelry. It is the most stable year round market.

Completing a search online can drastically save you time and money before you jump into the online jewelry auction market. Knowing what your getting into or the values of items can really help you pocket book in every way.

Though jewelry comes in many different shapes and sizes, which is a good idea to know what size of item your looking for before you just buy one, necklaces and rings are among the most common bought and sold online. - 18098

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By Yakim Garanjayadh

Web traffic is the key to a very successful online business. Without it there will be no visitors who will take action. We all look forward for these kinds of actions that lead to monetization of a site. These actions are sales of your own services and products, pay per click campaigns or affiliate sales.

So the number one priority of every website owner is to somehow break the code and finally start pumping in some healthy traffic. Unfortunately, its easier said than done. For majority of websites operators it seems nearly impossible to find an effective way to drive traffic, let alone to somehow increase website traffic.

There is a method that will lead you to increased traffic. This method is well known for its almost instantaneous results of generating traffic. Its not one of the most affordable options for many webmasters who has to worry about initial investment and marketing budget. Yes, you are correct, I am referring to different ppc programs: Google adwords, Yahoo Search and MSN adcenter. Googles program has an automatic approval system that helps you to generate traffic in a matter of minutes. The other two ppc programs have a manual approval system, which means that human has to approve your submission, so it will take some time to get your wheels spinning.

In any case, its the fastest traffic you can get. Few minutes or few days, it doesnt really matter since other methods could take months to bring you substantial traffic. And you dont have to be a computer expert or seo genius to get tons of traffic with ppc, virtually for any niche market you want. There is only one catch with ppc, but its a big one. PPC traffic is one of the most expensive types of traffic on the net.

How else could you increase web site traffic? The most obvious answer is to increase your website organic search traffic. You could boost your sites traffic by utilizing a power of press releases, web logs, social networks, article submissions, by exchanging links with other sites, implementing seo, publishing guest posts and using many other techniques to get your on line traffic increased. Its going to improve you search engine positioning and therefore drive more search engine traffic to your site.

The first thing for you to determine is whether search engines are aware at all of your existence. In other words, is your website indexed by search engines? You might be surprised by the answer. Of course, if youre not indexed then your site is not going to show up in search results for any keyword at all. So you will have to get your site indexed first (we will discuss later how to do this quickly).

A thing to notice: if you dont see your site when you type in the keyword you wish to rank for, it doesnt mean youre not indexed. It just means youre not ranking well for that particular keyword. But your site can still be found (theoretically) on the one of the thousands of search results pages for that keyword. Of course, no one is going to look for you there, so your site is as good as dead. But if its indexed, at least search engines are aware of its existence. And now you can start working on improving your rankings.

To check if your site is indexed do the following: in any search engine type - site:yourwebsitename. For example, if your domain name is then you type " If you receive a message that no results found or alike response, it clearly indicates that your website is not indexed. - 18098

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By Rohndra Tanderly

Everyone knows that advertising is important in growing a business. You won't sell what you have to offer if people don't know you exist. With the advent of the internet, advertising is a little more complex than it has been in the past. Not only do you have the traditional options for your advertising dollars, you also have many options for online advertising.

Start by thinking like one of your clients. Think of keywords that you would use to find your product or item. This will help ensure that you are marketing to the correct people.

Pay per click (PPC) advertising creates a link on a page which is triggered by a keyword. You only have to pay for this advertising when a person clicks through to your website. Google AdWords is an example of this type of advertising.

Want people driven to your website? Simply use text link ads to do this. Text links are links on websites within that sits content pointing to your site.

Classified advertising lets you place an ad on a free classified website similar to newspaper classifieds. These options vary from free to paid. If you go this route find a high traffic site or one that offers classified ad syndication so that your classified ad gets the exposure it needs.

Now its time to get started. Use some of the cheap methods listed to start generating traffic. - 18098

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Tweak your website

By onslaught82

By Michael Carpenter

If you want to get love from the search engines then you need to make sure your website remains updated and has fresh content. People talk about getting to number one on yahoo or Google, but they dont often tell you how difficult and involved in staying there.

Here's the deal" if you want to get to the top and stay there, you need to put some blood sweat and tears into it and be prepared to tweak your website routinely to remain on or near the top of the rankings. Why? Its because Google and MSN then recognises your website as one that is current and up to date, rather than one which is neglected and hasnt been updated in weeks or months.

A lot of experts think that you need to make big changes, but that isnt the case. Updating your site could be as simple as changing a paragraph that just doesnt flow well, or adding a couple of extra links here and there, or any one of a dozen other small processes that serve as the ideal update to let the search engines know that you are still there, working to create a site that will be even better in the long term than it is in the short term.

Updating your site regularly also gives your visitor a reason to come back often. If the site surfer knows there is going to be some new content every time they visit your website, then they will come back more often to give you repeat traffic.

The trick is to make little changes often, rather than go for massive changes once in a while. Small and regular effort will bring better results and more repeat traffic both in the short and the long term. - 18098

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The meaning of cheap stock, that is, stocks that they are trading under 60 cents or below, are always enticing - because you put down a small amount of money for a potentially lucrative return. It also looks good because with your investment you are getting a lot more shares, or contracts for you amount invested.

However, for many investors, this scenario is just a pipe dream to buy that stock at 10 cents and see it go to $10. Does happen but not very often and it can be very costly. Sometimes they are cheap for a great reason, they are NO GOOD

So what are the downfalls to cheap stocks?

How can you identify if they are cheap These cheaper stocks can also be categorized by their market capitalisation (that is, the total number of shares multiplied by the price per share). Which is the total value of the company If a company's market cap is less than $100 million, the company is considered a fairly small stock, or a "small cap stock".

So is bigger better, or are small Fish sweeter, Will they grow? Historically, small cap stocks have outperformed large cap stocks in terms of returns. However this is not always the case and you have to remember the saying risk versus return. This isn't because a lot of cheap, small companies are better investments than large companies, but because almost all big companies were small when they first sold stock. Everything normally starts out small. Microsoft started in a garage, and now they are one of the biggest company in the world. Most large companies are through growing or are just fighting for market share.

Money-hungry investors turn to small stocks to buy, because these stocks are cheap and it looks like the bigger companies have not much room to grow. Right? We all want to get rich from the stock market, otherwise we would not trade? True? Read the Fine Print- Be careful of 'the cheap stock'

Traders and investors will often flock to internet chat rooms and talk up a cheap stock, saying they are going to find large amount resource, or they are doing a big deal with a big company. Why does this happen because people buy it and then want someone else to continue to buy it.

This is called "pumping and dumping" and it happens all the time. So make sure you are careful. As if this was true what is being said in the chat rooms, it would be inside trading. Illegal so make sure you do you own homework.

A stock that maybe trades only 5,000 shares a day is a good example of this type of scam and highly illegal. So do not fall into the trap. Otherwise you will lose your money. By pumping up the stock it creates the price to move higher for no good reason. This stock will soon be a DUD Trade. This Stock used to trade at $5 now its 50 cents. So that's cheap? Wrong

Another thing to avoid is a stock that has dropped significantly in price. Just because a stock looks cheap doesn't meant it's going to return to glory and you'll make yourself a big profit. The reason they fall is because something fundamental may have changed, they could have lost most of their revenue by losing a contract, or could be sued there are a host of reasons for this stock to fall.

You have to ask yourself why the stock fell in the first place? Those odds aren't good that these stocks will rebound. The odds aren't in your favour. Following the trend, remember trend is your friend.


Remember, however, that stocks that have crashed significantly usually continue in one direction: down. Look at the rest of the sector, see how they are performing. Something also to consider is make sure you do your research on finding a great broker, otherwise bad brokers can make you broker. They can be selling and promoting these stocks from time to time, why as they have clients that are losing money, which they want to help them make money. This can be the case when they have really big clients. We have researched these broker to find out who we believe is the best. To find out more find out from or email - 18098

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By Julie Johnson

The term SEO, or search engine optimization, is still an unknown to virtually everyone who doesn't work in that field. Most people have never even heard of the term nor know what it refers to. But the more interesting part is that even within the SEO industry, not everyone agrees on how best to approach the problems SEO sets out to solve.

Most everyone does agree on basic guidelines though. Guidelines like high site content, receiving and giving inbound and outbound links, proper meta tags and strong organization of the site. The problem is that there is no one formula that dictates the ratio or value of each of those things, so by its nature, SEO continues to be more of an art form than a scientific method. A good SEO provider is constantly juggling and balancing between all the factors as they carefully watch the movement of the website in the rankings.

Most professional SEO providers will provide their client a level of detailed in-depth report similar to one another. But that's where much of the similarity ends. While most will not have any outright conflicting advise, their content and their approach will be different. If you polled 10 providers for reports, you'd likely get 10 different versions.

This is the challenge for the SEO organization. There is no clear laid out plan that can be picked up and read like a book. There's no secret site that one can plug into and retrieve all the right answers. As every day at work is different, every company and every website is different. The interesting factor for the SEO provider is the suspense of not knowing immediately if their work is successful. Improved ranking and traffic take time to build and a successful SEO program will achieve that for the client.

Because things are changing so quickly with search engines these days, it takes a professional SEO organization to keep up with where things are going. For an individual to jump into doing SEO work on his own site would require a lot of time, and a lot of faith, and an extensive undestanding of SEO. There's a reason that some professionals have a great track record and others don't. It takes experience that can only be gained through a large client base. - 18098

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By Thomas Griffin

eBay offers truly alluring opportunities for making money virtually from the comfort of your own home. Still, if the idea of making money on eBay seems a little bit vague to you, we'll try to explain Today it's not surprising to hear that folks manage to be earning thousands by selling items through eBay. eBay offers truly alluring opportunities for making money virtually from the comfort of your own home.

Selling on eBay as A First Income

eBay has grown to establish its own hierarchy of sellers. Thus, guys selling through eBay are divided into several categories. There are PowerSellers, who are further divided into Gold, Platinum, and Titanum PowerSellers. One can be considered a PowerSeller if they make a minimum of $1000 per month. Then go Silver PowerSellers who earn more than $3,000 a month, Gold PowerSellers who make over $10,000 a month, Platinum PowerSellers making more than $25,000, and eventually Titanum PowerSellers who make as much as $150,000 a month.

By looking at this hierarchy, you can at least make sure that words "make money on eBay" can be a reality. You may be surprised, but some of those PowerSellers have become successful without a concrete goal - they just tried to sell some kind of stuff, and lady luck smiled upon them.

All in all, eBay has 100 million members. Can you imagine than how many users have a well established and smoothly running business? Experience matters a lot. Many successful eBay sellers don't even bother to buy stock any longer, and operate as drop ship sellers. This means that they arrange to work with a reliable wholesaler, list their products online, take orders and money, and then redirect those orders to wholesalers.

So, now you can imagine a kind of business that doesn't require huge initial investment, inventory and delivery overheads, and even storage space - one more great opportunity to make money on eBay!

Selling on eBay as A Second Income

Of course giving up one's job to make money on eBay is too risky to consider undertaking initially. You could start selling some items to get a second income, and then see how the things will be going. Even if you don't want to try being a drop ship seller, you are likely to find some free time for managing orders and buying new stock.

When you are selling on eBay, it doesn't matter who you are and where you live. You are free to make a fresh start and establish a new solid reputation even if you have failed to succeed in some other business ventures. There are no credit checks or interviews required. All you need to do is to confirm your identity with a credit card.

One more great thing about eBay is that you are not restricted to selling brand new items. Since it is an auction website, you are free to sell literally any type of product you consider worth being sold. You can try selling some used or antique things you'll never need, and get pretty good money out of them. All in all, eBay is a very versatile website that offers plentiful income opportunities for people from different countries, of different ages and cultures. - 18098

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By Matthew Calvin

The advantages of quality promo leisurewear over garments of lesser quality are many. That quality is important is true for all promotional products to be successful, but moreso for promotional leisurewear. A benefit for you is when the wearer considers your brand in higher regard because the garment is of quality. And that is often the determining factor when they choose to don the clothing. The best quality promotional items will also stretch the length of time of your brand promotion, due to their durability.

The appearance of promotional clothing really has to make the audience want to wear it or the promotion will be for naught. Promotional leisurewear should be stylish and attractive enough to be included in every day dressing, and if it achieves this, then it will be successful. The design, the colours, the cut and the sophistication are all factors that will contribute to the recipient wanting to wearing the garment more often.

The excellent looks of promotional leisurewear realise their objective only when they are brought into application time and again. It is the level of comfortability that urges the audience to adorn clothes. Because it is 'leisurewear', as the name says, it has to abide by this principle more strictly than any other forms of clothing. These garments are meant to be relaxing and make the user feel at home. The cozier they are, the better is their acceptability by the audience.

Branding presentation: The promotional leisurewear market is considered to be an excellent medium of displaying the brand identity, for they have broad plain surface to their credit. Moreover, the branding components can be printed on both the front and backside of the shirts, jackets or the caps and hats. This is to maximise the brand visibility and lower every chance for the audience to miss on the brand information. This significant facet should be meticulously evaluated in terms of the printing quality, the presentation of the typography, the font style and size for clarity and overall prominence in depiction.

These points may be considered as a guideline when shopping for promotional leisurewear. The factors that comprise the quality will enhance the investment value of your purchase for years to come. And you'll reap benefits long after your promotion has ended. - 18098

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By Kristin Ross

There's good news for passionate hobbyists in Arkansas. Your homemade products, from delicious cookies to amazing needle works, just might be your opportunity to make a little bit of additional cash. You heard it right, folks, your favorite hobby can be a stepping stone for a new business opportunity for you! How? Why, through Arkansas crafting fairs and festivals, how else?

These trade shows that exhibit the wonderful products are the best way to make some extra money from your favorite past time. More and more people are realizing that there is business to be found in these little events and believe or not some of them are actually making a living out it!

So you're thinking that opening up a booth and announcing a business is full of high risks, huh? Well it doesn't have to be. You know why? Because you are going to have all the tools you need. You have the time to make worthwhile trinkets, you have the passion to make sure they are the best, all you need now is the simple how-to's of actually opening up shop.

You might be thinking that you need to scramble for the phones and drop a line to the experts just to get behind the scenes information about the latest crafting shows in Arkansas, actually you don't have to. Because now there are available resources on the Internet that can give you everything you need.

These calendars are an invaluable tool for anybody who wants to start a journey into the business side of the crafting industry. You can every bit of important information, useful updates and many more from the fairs and festivals calendar in Arkansas. Anything you'll need to become the best hobbyist and businessman in the state.

So what are you waiting for? It's time to start an Internet search for websites that offer this service and you can say hello to your fellow hobbyists who are crowding up the venues of the latest Arkansas crafting trade fairs and festivals. - 18098

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By Yasmine Tay

The advent of the Internet and its other components has enhanced the marketing opportunities also set the new targets for the marketers. This may be changing the definition, meaning, understanding and practice of PR because cyberspace is not physical, geometric or geographic. Time and space no longer limit the amount of information and audience size.

PR audience is becoming more diverse in an increasingly integrated global economy, with the attendant cultural barriers. Among others, Internet is enhancing interactivity, PR feedback and evaluation, and virtual story telling. It is extending PR outreach programs, though in a more depersonalized and transitory environment. The new medium is providing enhanced information delivery systems, not available just few years ago.

A new societal communication culture has emerged because the new information technology is providing all with the easy access to vehicles of mass communication, which historically belonged to just few institutions. This contemporary social reality discourages PR practitioners to adopt the one-way communication model. Modern information technology is creating a new corporate communication landscape. It is affecting communication channels, corporate audience identification, mode and methods of communication, message content and form, communication feedback and corporate personae. It is impacting shared meaning of message, information packaging, strategic information management and corporate identity.

There is also the need to carefully investigate how corporations can now manage public issues, advocacy role and reaction to emerging and sustained crises. There is an emerging power sharing. Publics now have ready access to the mass media to tell their story from their own perspective and complain vehemently if necessary. The meaning and definition of literacy in the New Information Age may have to be carefully reviewed.

Audience literacy has always been very important in segmenting and understanding a public. Traditionally, description of marketing opportunities in the consumer market is that products were sold face to face and physically in the point of market. But now the marketing opportunities are different in the digital world. There are now much more marketing opportunities in the digital world for the organizations. The organizations have the opportunity to reach through internet to the every person at a very low cost. - 18098

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By Mark Robertson

Online video and video search is HOT! You have surely seen all the buzz on the internet about sites like youtube, blinkx, etc... With this, bloggers have been writing posts about how to shoot video, how to upload videos to these sites, etc... However, few have provided information on how to get these videos seen and discovered. Here enters Video SEO.

In order to successfully optimize your videos for search engines, it is important that you have some knowledge regarding the various aspects of search as well as the difference in techniques with regard to video.

As with Search Engine Optimization for webpages and text content, keyword research is an important first step. Prior to optimizing your videos, you will want to obtain a keyword target list. There are however, some difference with regard to how users search for videos vs. website and webpages. Namely, most users include the word "video" when doing a search. Make sure that your keyword list contains several variations with the word video, Examples - car videos, car video, racing video, automotive videos, etc....

Once you are through with this, next step is to look across the top video search platforms having the highest performance in overall views, ratings, and latency. The only way to measure your success is to view count.

As a side note, pay attention to the audience that is already searching for the terms that you identified in your keyword research. Are there closely related terms that you did not include? Take a look at videos that are similar in terms of the keywords that you are targeting and view the comments and feedback from users to find related terms.

Make sure that when you add your video to the video search sites that you allow users to comment on your videos. Videos that enable users to comment tend to get much more traffic. In addition, those users that do comment and provide feedback are more often the users that will result in a conversion.

If you can do this, it is always better to pick a video theme that is not saturated in terms of competition out there. As an example, a video about Tom Cruise will likely be very hard to optimize for as there are thousands of results for that search.

Nobody is interested in watching long and boring videos. Shoot or create short clips from your longer version of the video. This will make your video more interesting and crispier. People usually like to watch short clips online ranging from 1-3 minutes, as they are short and takes less time to download.

Finally, make sure that you take advantage of the fact that you can brand your video with a watermark logo, text for your URL, and additional information to get users back to your website or business. One of the main points for doing video SEO is to get users back to your destination.

So if you wish to succeed in search engine optimization's mad frenzy race, video search engine optimization is an incredible new way to get exposure, and you have the opportunity right now, to get in the ground floor. - 18098

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By Theodore Metagastar

Starting your own website should be a well thought out endeavor. It doesnt matter if you are blogging for your crowd, or promoting a new product or service. With the many options available these days it is recommended that you give a little thought to the tools available.

How do you go about writing and publishing a webpage? You can use Microsoft Word, but while the capability is built into this popular software, there are limits. There are many other options to consider.

You can also purchase a program designed to create web pages. These programs give you more control over the design of your web pages. You will find options such as using CSS files, a common file that contains all your website formatting. With a CSS file it is easier to make global changes to your website, and all the pages linked to this file will automatically change with those simple changes to the font sizes or text formatting.

You might want to consider a content management system. What exactly is a content management system? It is an integrated package of software that pulls your website together, giving you options for the underlying theme or template of your website as well as features that help you to build and publish your website.

There are two very popular content management systems that are available as open source, meaning that the code is freely shared with other designers to create and promote community and free enterprise. Wordpress is a very well known name in content management system, as well as Joomla. Both take a little learning, but are worth the time spent.

Lets take a look at Joomla, and the best place to look is at their own website. This system is free to download, and offers many powerful components and add on features. Templates are available as well, both free and paid. The forum is a great resource as well.

Wordpress is another popular choice for a content management system. There are three options with Wordpress. The first is Wordpress hosted at the Wordpress site. This option limits the templates and features of your website, but is free hosting. The next level is to install Wordpress at your own hosting, which gives you more control over the inner workings of your site.

If you are thinking of building your own community online, you might consider Wordpress MU. This gives you one installation, and gives control over the plugins and themes, providing continuity and ease of maintenance.

It takes time and energy to build a website, and giving a little thought to the underlying system can save you hours of hard work. Once you delve into your chosen content management system you will find many powerful options available for producing a great website. - 18098

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By Alex Wu

You probably know that the local paper does not offer free classifieds. The Internet does. There are many free classified advertisement web pages on the Internet. You can post most anything there that will help sell your product or service.

You know that the people looking at your Internet classified ad are people that are interested in what you have to sell. That is why they go onto these sites. You will get better exposure and save the cost. It is a good option for many people. Even selling on E-bay you have fees this is the better way to do it.

Free advertising through these classified ads can reach a large audience. People who do not get the paper, or even if they do, often go online to look at the Classifieds for better deals, it is also an easy way to find something that is needed.

When you decide to place a classified ad on the Internet, do your homework and find out which ones rank highest on the search engines. You can use Google Analytics for this, or just do web searches as if you were looking for something on the Internet classifieds. Once you get the results make a note of the top three results as these will be your most looked at classified ad websites. You should advertise on more than one.

When you are ready to place your ad, make sure that you write a good advertisement. Be brief, informative, and give a good description of what you are selling. Use an e-mail address rather than a phone number for a contact, as your phone number can be all over the web and you will receive calls you do not want.

Be precise in the method of payment that you require, and never send your item without payment first. PayPal and Money Orders are two methods that are good. If you accept checks make it clear that no item will be sent until the check clears. You have to protect yourself. There are people who are out to scam others just like anywhere else.

These classified ads will give you exposure in the local market as well as statewide and even global if you choose. Look for testimonials or look at ant statistic you can find about your chosen website to sell on. If they have a form join it so you can find out if other people are selling well on there. Ask how long it takes usually. Cancel your ad once your item is sold.

Make sure you read the Terms of Service so you know about any fees or restrictions on things that they let you post. Find out how many days that your ad will run. The normal ad runs for seven to thirty days. Remove your ad when your item sells. Make some money, and pay no fees. - 18098

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By Caressa Waechter

When you run your own business, you are faced with a variety of financial issues. One of the more important of these issues is the need to keep your personal and business finances separated from one another.

The simplest way of keeping your business and personal funds completely apart is by having both a business bank account and a small business credit card. Of course, these small business financial accounts will then be used only for business purposes, and the personal financial accounts will never be used for business. This keeps your accountant and the taxman happy.

An integral part of your small business finances is having a small business credit card. A typical small business needs to use a business credit card on a fairly regular basis. From paying monthly bills, to purchasing items online, a business credit card is a necessity.

When it is time to decide on a business credit card, you will have a fair amount of choices to pick from. Most financial institutions offer a consumer credit card, but when it comes to a business credit card, you have less choices. The good news is that there are several really good small business credit cards from which you can choose.

When it is time to decide on a business credit card issuer, you want to find a bank that caters to the small business owner. Finding a financial institution that caters to small business is a great choice when it comes to choosing which credit card you are going to put your trust in.

Fortunately, when it comes time to make a decision about business credit cards, you have several very good financial institutions to choose from. By making the right choice, you decide on a business credit card that is issued by a bank that understands the needs and requirements of entrepreneurs.

Make sure that you have a suitable business credit card in the name of your company. This will greatly help in keeping your business and personal finances separate, which will help keep your financial house in order.

Making the decision to use a business credit and settling on which issuer you go with are both equally important decisions to make as an entrepreneur. By choosing the right small business credit card, you are taking a step in the right direction to ensure the financial future of your company. - 18098

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By Thomas Griffin

Finding a reliable drop ship supplier is actually one of the most important steps in launching a drop ship business. Essentially, it requires certain research. Where can you start from? I guess the best way is to start with the research of your industry niche. One more area to learn more about is drop ship services as such. Once you get familiar with these spheres, you'll find it easier to select a reliable company to establish reciprocal relationship with.

Your next step should be coming up with the type of goods you expect a drop ship supplier to provide. You should also pay attention to the services offered by the supplier and make sure they meet your requirements.

Then, browse the Web for some helpful reviews, for your to get a basic idea of several drop ship suppliers you consider. Be sure to look through special comparison charts that will provide you with some personalized idea of what those companies are. After combining the information from charts and online reviews, you'll be able to judge about this or that company on the basis of other people's individual experience of dealing with it.

Your next step would be examining the websites of each supplier. There, you'll get an idea of their services, products, and prices, customer support, history and working experience, learn more about their payment system, read testimonials, etc.

While examining suppliers' websites, pay attention to the simplicity and convenience of navigation. This aspect is important for you to quickly find the necessary products once you start your drop ship business. Note the suppliers' shipping fees, monthly or yearly fees, and average prices on goods. Checking and comparing such aspects will help you decide which drop ship supplier is the most attractive choice. All in all, your primary considerations should be the prices on products and service fees, both of which should be as low as possible.

Narrowing Your Choice

As a result of your research, you should be able to come up with one drop ship supplier. If that company offers an opportunity of a free trial, it would be icing on the cake. But even if they don't, it's very likely that you'll still feel comfortable with that supplier due to their policy and service fees.

One more useful tip is that you check what goods from the supplier tend to sell especially well. This will help you decide on the products to sell. By the way, don't forget to research prices charged on goods by your competitors. At the start of your business, you should try to set prices that will be lower than those charged by your competitors. Thus you'll be able to draw more customers. In fact, setting affordable prices when you are starting with a drop ship business is quite simple, since you don't have to get your initial investment get paid off as soon as possible.

Hopefully, you'll be able to come up with the choice of reputable drop ship supplier and launch your successful online business! - 18098

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By Dan Duvano

You likely will have already heard a little bit about link building. Link building (just to reiterate) is one of, if not the most important method of improving your websites search engine rank - also known as search engine optimization. Dedication to a good link building campaign can reap a huge harvest in traffic and visitor volume.

It's important to build great links to your site, and many people are realizing how important link building is and are using link building services to help get the links that they need. However, when it comes to link building, one of the top methods out there is using article submissions.

So what then is article submission? The basic breakdown is that you write an article (or have someone write one for you) and submit the article to any number of article directories scattered around the web. At the bottom of each article there is a box containing information about the author where you can put a link back to your own website.

Benefits of Article Submissions

The ongoing popularity of submitting articles as a method of link building is due to the fact that article submissions also produce many other benefits aside from links.

If you're not sure that this is a top method for you, let's take a closer look at some of the main benefits that you can experience by using article submissions for link building.

Reason #1 - Building Up Your Name

First of all, a top benefit of link building is that it helps to build up your reputation. When you are building an online business, it's definitely important to make sure that you are viewed as an expert and someone that people can trust. When you use article submissions that include quality information, people will begin to see you as an expert in your field, they'll trust you, and you'll effectively build up your reputation.

You'll find that in order to convert visitors to customers, they will have to trust you. If you can build up that trust before they even visit, you'll be more likely to make the sales you want to.

Benefit #2 - Cheap Advertising

Articles can also be thought of in a different way - as a direct advertisement. Ever see those full page advertisements in newspapers that look like part of the newspaper itself? You should think of each article you write as being similar to this. Aside from building link popularity, people will also arrive directly at your article and depending on how it reads, they may click straight through to your site.

Reason #3 - A Top Advertising Method

Article submissions end up going far further than mere article directories. They will be republished by any number of people into weblogs, ezines, other websites and more - and all without any further effort from you. As your article continues to find its way around the internet, your personal and website brand will continue to grow.

Link Building - How It Works

So now we've covered some of the other benefits of article submissions above, it's time to come back to how it actually builds links to your sites. The main way is that at the end of each article there is what is commonly referred to as a resource box. In the resource box you write a brief blurb about the author and of course, include a link to the authors website (yours).

When people republish this article, wherever they do, they have to include the resource box and therefore provide you with yet one more link. In this way the number of links you have keeps growing organically.

So in summary, article submission builds up links, it brands you and your website, and it provides direct advertising for your site. What more reason do you need to get started with this excellent method? - 18098

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