By William Blake

There are those of us in this world that are competitive by nature. We are even competitive about being competitive. We are always thinking in terms of 'winning' or 'losing'.

It's perfectly normal to want to win a competition. The important thing is being able to tell the difference between a competitive event and one won through cooperation.

Unlike normal competitive events internet marketing has no finish line or final goal. In football you want to score more points than the other team within a given time frame, in chess you want to 'check-mate' your opponent. Internet marketing is very different in that the game is never over and there is no time limit.

The objective of internet marketing is to move internet marketing forward. Cooperation is more effective than competition.

Everyone contributes to the development of internet marketing since there is a huge benefit to the community as a whole, and your customers are better able to do the things they want, resulting in more profits all round.

As a natural competitor it becomes a case of seeing who can cooperate more than their competition. Who is able to help their customers more, whose customers are making more money and having more success than their competitors customers.

There is only one way in which competition can help internet marketing, and that is by competing in terms of how cooperative you are compared to your competitor.

There is plenty of business out there for all of us. The supply of business isn't limited. We can all benefit when any of us benefit. That is what the whole idea of cooperation is.

Leading on from this is my next point. Stop blaming the Guru's..

There are a huge number of people out there who always have an excuse for their failures. In most cases they will tell you that their failure was not their fault, and caused by someone else.

Sad story after sad story, one thing becomes apparent. They were the victims in this failed business and it really wasn't their fault. Baloney. Life exists in a causal relationship. Choice = Consequence. Bad choice = Bad consequence and obviously Good choice = Good consequence. Failed business' are the result of poor decision making and we are always responsible for our decisions.

Businesses fail, that's a fact of life, but the reasons they fail cannot be laid at the feet of others. I've heard internet entrepreneurs blame the failure of their internet businesses on someone they scornfully call an 'Internet Guru'.

These people tell anyone who will listen that the failure of their internet business was not their fault and that a 'guru' was responsible for the failure by selling them products that they didn't need and that they ended up receiving so much email that they couldn't get their work done.

Successful internet marketers ('gurus') often send out recommendations to their client list, informing them about products which may be of interest. At no point in time do they say that you are REQUIRED to make a purchase.

These offers are intended to help everyone on their list but the reality is that the products won't suit each and every person. That doesn't mean the product is no good, it's merely an indication of the diversity of business models represented in his list.

Everyone is responsible for their own success and failure. Every internet entrepreneur should know their business well enough to analyze the pros and cons of of a product as it relates to his business. The advice of guru's is just that, advice. Ultimately you make the decision.

It isn't an order that you must is only a suggestion. The decisions about your business are always up to you and you alone. - 18098

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