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Jeff Paul Revisited

I think it's time to do an update on good old Jeff Paul and his "Short Cuts to Internet Millions". Jeff Paul has had a little time, since the first review I wrote on him, to either improve the way he runs his online companies or continue to run scams.

Well after running a few searches on Mr. Jeff Paul it looks, to me as if John Paul has not changed at all.

Here are two complaints on Jeff Paul I have found on other sites.

12/5/2008 - Marty writes: I've done a bit more research. Jeff Paul runs this under variouse company names, and the BBB rates them an F. Multiple complaints like the ones listed on this site. Company never responds to these complaints as the BBB has no enforcement authority. The CA Attourny General needs to look at these clowns that have taken so much from so many. I've not found one positive revue of any of his products other than those he's produced himself on his own sites. Testimonials to how great all this crap works. Cancell your credit card ASAP. Even if you try to cancell with these scam artists, they will charge you again!


8/21/2008 - Ted writes: I should know better. Having owned, run, and sold other very sucessful companies, I felt a few thousand dollars was a small investment to help my small staff get a couple of good websites up and operational so we could improve our internet presence. Despite our 35 years of other business accolades we had little internet experience or presence. The materials were sophomoric at best and foreshadowed the competence of the coaches assigned to help us. Jeff Paul's idea of canned websites turns out to be reselling junk literature from their portfolio. Not exactly as represented when we were solicited or promised over the phone. Of course they sell your name to web developers who try to get a second and third bite. Offers for dozens of valuable services come often. My staff, despite their competence, have gained little in training or competence, as the Jeff Paul system has proven virtually worthless in producing a true ecommerce website worthy of any companies reputation. The infomercial is appealing and obviously works for them. But if your goal is truly to create value for your company or self by selling on the internet. Save your few thousand (even it that is not a lot of money to you), and find a local web developer with great references and a few years of experience they are plentiful. Price paid, lesson learned. Avoid Jeff Paul.

Well people it looks to me like Mr. Jeff Paul hasn't done a thing to improve his image. In fact it looks like Jeff Paul as continued to scam people right and left.

As I said in my first look at Jeff Paul, "The only thing I can say about Jeff Paul is it would be best, IMO, to stay away from him."

Jeff Paul's "Short Cuts to Internet Millions" does have a low cost startup, but it's just the tip of the iceberg, as you will be solicited for various upgrades, paid training and expensive mentoring After researching Jeff Paul I found tens if not hundreds of complaints about the Jeff Paul system. Many people have paid $1950.00 for the revolutionary system, which claims to provide a 60-day unconditional money back guarantee. Of course the money was never returned. One person was taken for $8,500.00, which was never refunded! This person claims to have tried to contact Greg Wardin the so-called 'confidence man' many times requesting a refund. All attempts failed. In fact he has never even been able to reach Greg Wardin. This doesn't sound much like an unconditional money back guarantee to me. The only thing I can say about Jeff Paul is it would be best, IMO, to stay away from him. - 18098

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